From Apprentice to Managing Director: Charlie Francis’s Journey at Howha PMI

Charlie Francis’s journey from being an apprentice to becoming the Managing Director of Howha PMI is a remarkable story of determination, growth, and seizing opportunities.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into his inspiring path and explore the valuable lessons he learned along the way as Charlie sits down with Professional Apprenticeships

The Beginning of the Journey

Around five years ago, Charlie embarked on his professional journey as an apprentice with Excellent, a company specialising in private medical insurance and employee benefits in Bristol.
Little did he know that this experience would set the stage for his future endeavours.

Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap

Recently, Charlie took a significant step by establishing Howha PMI, where he now serves as the Managing Director. This ambitious move marked the realisation of a dream that had been in the making for about six months.

The Vision of Howha PMI

Howha PMI is an independent, whole-of-market private medical insurance broker based in Bristol that specialises in individual private medical insurance. Charlie’s vision for the company is clear: to provide tailored insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

A Journey of Discovery

Charlie’s journey to this point was not linear. After completing his education, he found himself working in retail. However, he soon realised that he yearned for a change and sought new opportunities.

Embracing Apprenticeships

Charlie recognised that he needed to acquire new skills and knowledge to progress in his career. Apprenticeships emerged as a viable path to achieve his goals. He approached the team at Professional Apprenticeships, expressing his interest in securing a place with an ambitious company.

A Pathway Tailored to Him

What set Charlie’s apprenticeship experience apart was the tailored approach. Instead of generic roles, the team identified opportunities that aligned with his aspirations. This approach ensured that he was on the right path from the start.

A Stepping Stone

The Business Administration apprenticeship not only provided Charlie with valuable business knowledge but also helped him build confidence. He was entrusted with responsibilities like networking, meeting clients face to face, and managing his client accounts.

Recognising Opportunities

Charlie’s ambition and drive led him to recognise areas where he could contribute more. Quickly being promoted to account manager once he finished his apprenticeship.

In late 2022, the opportunity arose that would change the course of Charlie’s career. He felt confident enough to lead his own venture when the opportunity arose. Thus, Howha PMI was born, with Charlie at the helm.

The Impact of Apprenticeships

Reflecting on his journey, Charlie attributes much of his growth to his apprenticeship and the mentorship at Excellect. It helped him develop confidence, expand his network, and acquire essential business skills. He wholeheartedly recommends Professional Apprenticeships to anyone seeking personal and professional development.

The Future of Howha PMI

With five years of industry experience under his belt, Charlie is committed to the private medical insurance sector. If you or someone you know is considering private medical insurance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Charlie Francis at Howha PMI.

Charlie’s journey from apprentice to Managing Director is a testament to the power of ambition, learning, and seizing opportunities. It serves as an inspiration to all aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs.